About Me

Photo taken by: Maisie Crow

Photo taken by: Maisie Crow


Mira Marfa’s philosophy is to bring out the natural beauty in ones skin, and avoid invasive treatments unless or until necessary. Jacqueline Delolmo, born in El Paso, Texas, returned to west Texas in 2017. While in Austin, Texas Jacqueline pursued her nursing degree while gaining experience with MOHS Specialist/Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. William Ramsdell. Employed at both the clinical office and the cosmetic medical spa, she worked with clients with cancer, common skin conditions, and those seeking cosmetic skin treatments alike.

How Mira Marfa Blossomed

After working at Seedlings Gardening, a female owned and operated landscaping company, Jacqueline got her hands dirty, literally, educating herself on herbal treatments, and natural skin care. Bridging the knowledge gained over the last seven years, she decided to attend the Ann Webb Skin Institute, which focuses on Medical Aesthetic training and laser technology. Jacqueline is Licensed Medical Aesthetician, a Licensed Laser Technician with experience in advanced cosmetic machines, cosmetic injectables, PCA certified chemical peels, lash curl, dermaplaning, and microneedling.

Bringing a wholistic approach to skin care, Mira Marfa incorporates the herbal soothing elements to medical grade skin treatments to bring out your natural shine.