ORO High Desert Face oil


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ORO FACE OIL 1oz. Dropper * Hemp Seed Oil base: High in Linoleic (omega-6) and Linolenic (omega-3)acids. Anti-inflammatory and great for acne prone skin. * 150 mg of CBD * Sea Buckthorn Oil Reduces redness and inflammation and soothing for eczema, rosacea, and acne skin conditions- “super fruit” antioxidant *

Red Raspberry Seed Oil- natural SPF of 28-60 blocking UVB and 8 for UVA- pair with sunscreen!

* Rosehip Seed Oil Vitamin A - reduce signs of photo aging

* Jojoba Seed Oil- humectant and creates a seal and protective barrier to keep your skin from losing moisture. Antibacterial/Antioxidant/Noncomedogenic. Regulates sebum production.

* Carrot Seed Oil-caretenoids are powerful antioxidant + helps repair sun damage and heal scars.

* Tamanu Oil- reduces acne, dermatitis, psoriasis. Promotes collagen production and prevents wrinkles caused by sun damage by absorbing 85% of the DNA damage induced by UV radiation.

* Vitamin E- helps with inflammatory skin conditions and prevents or minimizes the appearance of scaring and fine lines.

* Calendula- antifungal, anti-inflammatory,antibacterial, and antiseptic. This oil is intended to be used by all skin types, but designed specifically for those with acne, eczema, rosacea, and sensitive skin conditions.


Directions for use: After thoroughly cleansing your face, apply any serums and moisturizers first, and pat ORO 4-5 drops onto your skin. This can also be used in place of moisturizer, and applied directly onto clean skin. Gold Mica dances in every bottle. Shake well before application. Tiny hints of yarrow and lavendar. 30 day supply/ twice daily application.

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